Military Connected

Anderson Creek Academy Charter School serves the third largest concentration of military-connected students in the world. The ACA and the local military installations of Ft. Liberty and Ft. Liberty Air Field, as well as statewide installations, and the North Carolina National Guard and Reserve components have enjoyed a strong history of positive relationships built on service and collaboration. The positive relationship between the ACA and the military helps ensure that student needs are identified and addressed, resulting in high-quality service for these students. 

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Impact Aid

Annually, we distribute an impact aid parent-pupil survey, usually in October.  It is important for our parents to complete the impact aid parent-pupil survey.  These payments help local school districts that educate federally connected children.  These may be the children of members of the uniformed services, children who reside on Indian lands, children who reside on Federal property or in federally subsidized low-rent housing, and children whose parents work on Federal Property.  The  Survey date is selected between 4th day of school and 30 Jan. The Parent-Pupil Survey form is sent home to parents to complete and sign.  The form is designed to allow more than one child name on form to cut down on paperwork for parents. Parents are notified that the form is going home and the due date is provided to return to the school. On the survey date the District’s federally connected children and District’s total membership is counted and records maintained confidentially.